Cogel ECG-EEG - Comedical


Electrolyte gel solution

The use of Cogel ECG-EEG is recommended in all medical diagnostic applications where it is necessary to reduce the contact resistance between the detection electrodes and the skin in the acquisition of bioelectrical signals (ECG, EEG, EMG, PE). When used in therapeutic treatments, it optimizes coupling between treatment electrodes and the skin during the administration of electrical therapies (defibrillation, cardioversion, electrophysiotherapy), preventing the risk of burns. The special chemical-physical proprieties of the product guarantee high efficiency throughout the entire duration of examinations or treatments, even if they last a long time.

Relevant specifications, quality and safety aspects

Cogel ECG-EEG is a water-based, hypoallergenic, hydrosoluble, salt-free gel with electrolytes. It does not damage the detection or treatment of the electrodes. It doesn’t stain or grease.

The particular high-resistance reticular structure that characterizes Cogel ECG-EEG limits the liquefaction effect of the gel caused by substances with a high saline content, such as sweat and body fat. The result is a considerable saving of usage as frequent additions of the product are not necessary during examinations or treatments. Cogel ECG-EEG is completely free of perfumes or essences, which are notorious for causing primary allergic reactions.

It does not contain formaldehyde and its pH level is neutral. All raw materials used in the formulation of Cogel ECG-EEG belong to the F.U. category (Official Pharmacopoeia). The containers used in the packaging of the gel are made of food-grade polyethylene that is completely latex-free.

Comedical carries out constant quality controls on each batch, especially on the entire production and packaging cycle of the Cogel ECG-EEG line. Cogel ECG-EEG is a CE marked (Class I) product and complies with the Council Directive 93/42EEC which regulates the production, commercialization and use of Medical Devices.

Chemical-physical characteristics of the gel

Composition: semisolid colloidal system, gelatinous, based on carbomer
Contents: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Carbomer, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Edta, Methylparaben
Smell: odorless
Color: colorless
Water solubility: soluble
Density at 20°C: 1,04 g/ml
Viscosity: ~ 38.000 (31.000 – 45.000) mps
Flammability: non-flammable
Ph at 20°C: 6,95 ± 0,2
Containers used: see table below (product and packaging codes)

Product and Packaging codes

REF Description Contents Secondary packaging
CEG0250MF036 PE bottle with push-pull dispensing cap 250 g 36 pieces
CEG0500MF012 PE bottle with push-pull dispensing cap 500 g 12 pieces
CEG1000MF012 PE bottle with push-pull dispensing cap 1000 g 12 pieces
CEG5000MS002 Squeeze PE cubitainer bag (1) 5000 g 2 pieces

(1) Each package contains a dispensing spout kit with ferrule REF E4_00VPGHIE10

COGEL accessories – optional

Comedical introduces 5000-mL packagings primarily to save on Cogel purchase (the contents of a bag or canister correspond to that of 20 250-mL bottles), reduce waste disposal costs, and respect the environment. Specific accessory devices are available to decant Cogel contents from bags or canisters into smaller reusable containers.

REF Description Packaging
E4_00VPGHIE10 Dispensing spout with ferrule for cubitainer bag 1 piece
CEGA0265PE Empty Cogel ECG-EEG bottle with dispensing cap 1 piece